Machinery handbook pdf

Machinery handbook pdf 26th Edition Free Download


Machinery handbook is a machine design book that is made for mechanical engineers especially. Machinery handbook was written by Erik Oberg in 1914. That was the first edition of the machinery handbook; there is the 29th edition of the machinery handbook now. On the most recent machinery handbook, we can also find information about different topics such as mathematics, manufacturing machines, elements of tools, measuring the components of devices and many more.

Machinery handbook pdf


Following are some reviews on the machinery handbook

  • New edition of the machinery handbook is revised and updated.
  • New edition of the machinery handbook has more information on tool life estimates.
  • Machinery handbook helped to understand the recent development of machines and tools.
  • Logarithm and numerical techniques are helpful in the machinery handbook.
  • All the useful data and information has been surveyed and refreshed where essential.
  • Photos of machines and tools help to understand the things more efficiently.
  • This book is very interactive.


  • Machinery handbook has 90 pages.
  • With every edition, the handbook has improved.
  • It offers significant modifications and additionally all-new material on an assortment of subjects. The Toolbox Edition utilises our standard kind of size.
  • The new edition is a lot easier to read.
  • There are micromachining sections in the new edition
  • The material is expanded in machinery handbook new edition
  • New article ‘Introduction to metrology.’
  • More new content such as shaft alignment; taps and tapping; helical coil screw thread inserts; solid geometry; how to distinguish between bolts and screws; statistics, calculating thread dimensions, keys and keyways, miniature screws, metric screw threads and fluid mechanics.
  • Following the are topics in the new edition of machinery handbook
  • Mathematics
  • Mechanics and Strength of Materials
  • Properties of Materials
  • Dimensioning
  • Gaging and Measuring
  • Machining Operations
  • Manufacturing Process
  • Fasteners
  • Threads and Threading
  • Machine Elements

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