Mechanical Engineering Principles Pdf

Mechanical Engineering Principles Pdf Free Download

Mechanical Engineering Principles Pdf Free Download:

Authors: C. T. F. Ross, John Bird

Edition: Third.

Language: English

Publish Date: 2002

Mechanical Engineering Principles is a book written by C. T. F. Ross and John Bird which talks about all the basic and advanced principles of the Mechanical Engineering. Here is a book which can really help in their engineering studies by building up the basics and learning about the principles. If you want to download it, get the free Mechanical Engineering Principles Pdf at the end of this article.

Mechanical Engineering Principles Pdf

Mechanical Engineering Principles Features:

Listed below are some of the top feature of the book:

  • This book is absolutely free to download.
  • Mechanical Engineering Principles e-book is available in Pdf and EPUB formats.
  • You can also buy the hard copy as well.
  • The book talks about the principles and basics of the Mechanical Engineering.

Table of Contents:


Part 1: Revision of Mathematics 1.

  • Revisionary mathematics Revision Test 1 Revisionary mathematics 2.
  • Further revisionary mathematics 2
  • Revision Test
  • Further revisionary mathematics

Part 2: Statics and Strength of Materials.

3. The effects of forces on materials 4. Tensile testing 5. Forces acting at a point 6. Simply supported beams Revision Test 3 Forces, tensile testing and beams 7. Forces in structures 8. Bending moment and shear force diagrams 9. First and second moments of area Revision Test 4 Forces in structures, bending moment and shear force diagrams, and second moments of area 10. Bending of beams 11. Torque 12. Twisting of shafts Revision Test 5 Bending of beams, torque and twisting of shafts

Part 3: Dynamics.

13. Linear and angular motion 14. Linear momentum and impulse 15. Force, mass and acceleration 16. Work, energy and power 17. Friction 18. Motion in a circle 19. Simple harmonic motion 20. Simple machines Revision Test 7 Friction, motion in a circle, simple harmonic motion and simple machines Part 4: Heat Transfer and Fluid Mechanics 21. Heat energy and transfer 22. Thermal expansion Revision Test 8 Heat energy and transfer, and thermal expansion 23. Hydrostatics 24. Fluid flow 25. Ideal gas laws 26. The measurement of temperature Revision Test 9 Hydrostatics, fluid flow, gas laws and temperature measurement. A list of formulae for mechanical engineering principles. Metric to Imperial conversions and vice versa.

Greek alphabet.

Glossary of terms.

Answers to multiple-choice questions.


Download Mechanical Engineering Principles Pdf Free:

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