Theory of Machines Pdf

Theory of Machines Pdf Free Download

Theory of Machines Pdf by R. S. Khurmi Free Download:

As a student of Mechanical Engineering, you will come across many books which are written for students to have a better understanding of the machines. There are so many great theories written but most of the books are not good as they should be from the exams point of view. So today, we have brought this Theory of Machines Pdf absolutely free on our website for you guys. Let us tell you more about this book.

Theory of Machines is a book written by R. S. Khurmi and J. K. Gupta for the students of mechanical engineers. According to the writers, there are many good books for the students but none according to the exams point of view. When they read this one, they have a good understanding of the theories. Also, the students will be able to solve the problems in exams better when they read this one.

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Whether you are preparing for the exam of Engineering Services such as U. P. S. C. or the A. M. I. E, this book is going to help you a lot. All the theories written in the book are quite self-explanatory and you will not face any trouble while understanding them.

Theory of Machines Features:

  • In order to know more about machines and understand them, this is the best book for the purpose.
  • The book is available in both the Pdf and hard formats.
  • Everything is explained with the basic definition alongside the diagrams for each topic.

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction.
  2. Kinematics of Motion.
  3. Kinetics of Motion.
  4. Simple Harmonic Motion.
  5. Simple Mechanics.
  6. Velocity in Mechanisms (Instantaneous Centre Method).
  7. Velocity in Mechanisms (Relative Velocity Method).
  8. Acceleration in Mechanics.
  9. Mechanisms with Lower Pairs.
  10. Friction.
  11. Belt, Rope, and Chain Drives.
  12. Toothed Gearing.
  13. Gear Trains.
  14. Gyroscopic Couple and Precessional Motion.
  15. Inertia Forces in Reciprocating Parts.

Download Theory of Machines Pdf Free:

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